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Nujabes – «Feather»

SOTW #24-2010



Have you ever done it? Listened to a song and the moment that it’s over pressed backward to hear it again? And when it finished you do it again, and again, and again. It’s like having a temporary obsession with this one song. I can’t be the only one that has had this happen to me. I’m not some sort of music obsessive freak am I? To be honest I know that I’m not the only one. My little brother obsesses over songs constantly. He does this in a different way than I do though. I obsess when no one’s around. Blasting that one song constantly from my stereo when I think that no one can hear it. Or when people are around I tend to listen to the song on my I-pod. Burrowing the song deep in to my brain where no one else can hear it, but I can feel it pulsating. Maybe not the most social way of obsessing, but I think that people that aren’t in this obsessive state get annoyed by listening to that same song over and over and over again. My brother on the other hand is a social obsesser. He usually get’s one part of the song stuck in his head and sings it at the top of his lungs till his throat goes soar. Ever heard the heal the world song? He got Bruce Springsteens 10 second verse stuck in his head and probably repeated it for more than a week. “ WE ARE THE WORLD!!” “ WE ARE THE WORLD!” WE ARE THE WORLD!” Now imagine that in a pretend Bruce Springsteen voice. For a week. Damn it’s even annoying when it’s written. Another time he got a Dutch hip hop/schlager combination in his head. Marco Borsato and Ali-B’s ‘ wat zou je doen’. It’s another song about making the world better, dedicated to the organization ‘war child’. Sappy as hell and even the rapping is over emotional. He downloaded the song and would blast it for hours at time. Jumping up on the couch, rapping and singing along. Trying to get his best friend to do one of the parts so they could perform it as a duo.

You could think after these two examples that maybe it’s social obsessing for a good cause. Heal the world, save children in war situations? I had that suspicion for a while as well. Not true though. The song that is currently bombarding the sound waves at my parents house is called ‘ hoeren’ by the dutch hiphop group Flinke Namen. A rough translation of the chorus is as follows; We’ve got hookers in the house, we’ve got hookers in the house, we’ve got hookers in the house, so I’m not going home yet. Now repeat 2 times and end with a drunken slow-motion slur. With off course a funky pumping beat. I must begrudgingly say though that after hearing the songs a number of times that their often damn catchy and get stuck in your head in a horrible way. Eventually you start singing with him “Yeah man hookers in the house! Hookers hookers yeeaaah hookers!” .

Luckily though it’s not the hookers song that I have a minor obsession with at the moment. It’s a song by the sadly recently deceased Japanese hip-hop producer Nujabes. One of my roommates boyfriend copied the CD for me and the opening track ‘feather’ has been playing nearly non-stop on my I-pod ever since. I don’t know if it’s the well used piano, the beats or the words, but I’ve been listening to it since last week. I’m sure I’ll get bored of it sooner or later and will move on to a new musical obsession, but until then I think I’ll act like my little brother and share my minor obsession with you. Enjoy!

Interpret: Nujabes
Album: Modal Souls
Song: Feather
Jahr: 2006

Internet: Youtube

Empfohlene Tätigkeit beim Hören dieses Songs: Obsess and annoy.

Artwork: Dani für sotw


Habibi! Thanks for the contribution, i liiiikeee! :-)

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